$10 DIY Picture Frame


Hello lovelies! When Dustin and I first arrived in Dallas, I wanted nothing more than to decorate our new home. I still have that itch, even after a month into settling in. I guess you could say I'm your typical girl, just obsessed with all things pretty and DIY related. One of the most meaningful ways to fill your home with love is through photos. No matter how new or old, those photos showcase an important time in your life. One photo can link you to a ton of memories, no matter how much time has passed, you can still hold those memories close. What better way to make a temporary house feel like home than to decorate it with meaningful photos. Today I'm sharing with you all my $10 DIY Picture Frame I made in only two hours-sounds easy right? It is! Follow along below to see how to make your own!


My $10 DIY Picture Frame


Supplies Used

Picture Frame - With or without a photo inside

Photos - Duh.

String - Twine, rope, any of your choosing

Small Clips - clips, close pinks, hooks, whichever you prefer. 

Staple gun + Staples


My Finds

$4.00 Picture Frame from Goodwill (my frame already had staples in the back, score!)

$4.00 11 Photo prints from Wal-Mart 

$1.0 Mini Close pins from Target

$1.00 Rope from Target

Total: $10.00

The first thing I did was popped out the picture from the frame. It already had staples across the picture, to keep it in place so it wasn't necessary for me to purchase a staple gun. Dustin basically threw himself into this project, since he's a maker of all sorts. He took the string and wound it through the maze of staples (see above picture) It took him just about five minutes to assemble the string into place. Then finally the fun part came: putting up the pictures. I grabbed the cute mini close pins I had picked up from Target and began hanging the pictures in various places. Dustin decided he wasn't happy with my set up, so he moved a few ;) Overall, this project took a little under two hours. Between shopping for the supplies, and getting the prints, and then assembling everything. This way definitely the easiest DIY project I have ever done. It was super fun to have Dustin on board and ready to help me. It made it that much more special having him there, personalizing our picture frame and being able to hang it up on our empty wall together. If you're looking for a relatively easy DIY project, I highly suggest you try out a DIY Picture frame. 

What is your favorite DIY project? I'd love to hear!