How to De-Stress During The Holidays


Lets talk holiday time....

How do we deal and cope with all the added stress?

How can we truly relax and be able to fully enjoy the holidays?

Start here........

Take a Bath

I'm not going to lie, taking a long hot bath is my answer to everything. Pour yourself a small glass of wine and get ready to relax. When I'm feeling especially stressed, salt baths are the best remedy to ease muscle tension and stress as a whole. My favorite bath salts are Dr. Teals, I load my bath with various salts, and wait a few minutes before entering to let them break up a bit. I highly suggest any salts of a Lavender scent, which is meant to aid in relaxation. During holiday time, things can get a bit crazy, but your mental health doesn't have to. Make time to relax and I swear your soul will thank you. 


Center yourself

Taking a few moments when stress hits to center yourself is key. Holiday time is easily the most stressful time of the year, but if you learn the best coping strategies, it doesn't have to be. When you begin to feel stressed, take a few minutes to evaluate your feelings. Allow yourself to feel every emotion/stress/worry and then find a solution. Don't spend your entire day dwelling, or stressing. If you're feeling overwhelmed, practice deep breathing somewhere quiet. 


Sweat it out

This is one of those things that tend to fall by the wayside during the holidays. I know that after a long day of shopping, or planning a holiday gathering hitting the gym is probably the last thing you want to do-but it does a world of good for your mind. Whenever I get home from my 9-5 I literally have to force myself to head to the gym. I instantly change into my workout clothes, grab a light snack and drive to my gym. Sometimes you just have to force yourself to sweat it out, because it really will make you feel that much better. Who doesn't want to reap the benefits of Endorphins? Especially during holiday time you should take full advantage of getting physical exercise to help aid in stressful times. 


During the holiday, you need to confront your feelings. If you harbor bad feelings during holiday times, it will ruin the overall experience. Get together with one of your closest girlfriends, and have a full on bitch session. You can still do it up holiday style, though by adding eggnog and baked goods into the mix. Every one feels the added pressure during the holiday season to do everything "perfectly" but in reality, we are all so consumed with perfection it results in stress. Make time to express your feelings and let it all out, to ensure your at your happiest when holidays arrive. 

De-clutter your space

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas-they all come so quickly, typically leaving your house a total mess. If your home is messy, it will be that much more difficult to relax. Cleaning is my favorite way to calm an anxious, racing mind. Turn on your favorite music, allow yourself to tune out the world and focus on de-cluttering your space. Start in the areas of your home you spend your most time, like your living room and bedroom. Then slowly move to the kitchen, bathroom, and even your car. After your finished, relax on the couch with a cup of tea and take in your freshly cleaned space. 

Treat yourself

During the holiday time, there is rarely a moment where you can be selfish. I'm not saying go blow a ton of money on yourself (but that's truly up to you and your savings account.) During the holiday season when I'm feeling less than festive or just flat out stressed, I head to Starbucks. I love trying out all their new holiday flavors. Maybe it's their cute holiday cups, or all the added flair, but I love treating myself to a Caramel Brulee latte. Whether it's something small, like a cup of coffee, or a new pair of shoes, just treat yourself well.

Do something in the spirit of the holiday

If you're not looking forward to the chaos of the holiday, do something holiday related, it's that simple. When Thanksgiving is near, I love watching Football, or baking a new recipe. When Christmas is approaching, there are a ton of activities you can partake in. I love watching old holiday movies, or even just driving around the neighborhood to see the lights. Sometimes you just have to have fun to deal with the chaos and stress of the holidays. Whatever you decide, make sure you want to do it!


Whenever the holidays hit, stress hits. One of my favorite things to do during the holiday times is to bake a variety of treats.  If you're not much of a baker, I highly suggest hitting up Pinterest and trying out a cookie recipe. Even if you have to swing by your local grocer and buy "holiday cookies" just do it! Who doesn't want to eat cute cookies with Santas face on them? Take your mind off of all the little details and focus on filling your home with delicious smells and bringing your family together. 

What do you do to relax and de-stress during holiday time?