Why I Practice Yoga-And Why You Should Too

Hello lovelies! I just got back from my Pilates Infusion Yoga class at my gym. I feel absolutely incredible. My mind is at peace, my body feels lighter, my soul just feels more in tune with everything. I can't stress it enough, yoga is such an amazing workout for your mind, body and spirit. It's a time and place where everyone, and every emotion is welcomed. It's where you seek and find peace. It's ultimately a place of safety. Where you can channel all of your thoughts, feelings and emotions and release them. Yoga for me, is a huge release. It betters me mentally, and physically and it's essential to keep my mind and body balanced. Today I'm sharing my personal reasons for doing yoga, and why you should too.


Why Yoga:

  1. It takes you on a journey through your mind, and body. 
  2. It helps you reconnect with your self, body and breathing. 
  3. It calms you down - hello deep breathing.
  4. It's a moment alone, well, despite the others surrounding you.
  5. It's the perfect stress reduction activity, all around.
  6. You gain flexibility.
  7. You burn fat, and calories.
  8. Normalizes digestion.
  9. You gain a sense of community - through your class.
  10. ANYONE can do yoga!
  11. Enhances concentration.
  12. Keeps your emotions in check.
  13. Helps you develop more healthy coping strategies. 
  14. It improves balance - physically and mentally!
  15. Reduces blood pressure 
  16. Increases flexibility 
  17. Helps slow the mind down.
  18. Helps with back pain.
  19. Helps with all pain.
  20. It helps you focus more on things that are in this moment.


Being a gym rat, I totally missed going to classes, any type of classes. When we first moved to Dallas I knew I needed to start doing things a little differently. I needed to keep the balance between my body, and spirit in check. Luckily, my fiances work offers a free gym membership that included the most amazing classes, all types - all for free. I'm grateful to have such an amazing gym memberships. I love having the option to swim in the pool, hit any type of class I want, go sit in the hot tub or sauna, or just ask a trainer to work with me for awhile. I feel grateful to have began taking yoga classes again. My mind and body feels more connected, and I feel happier as a result. So if you're worried, scared, or unsure if you can do yoga, just go to a beginners class, and don't doubt yourself. Like Nike said, just do it!


Are you a lover of Yoga? Tell me all your thoughts! I'd love to hear.