Why You Should Unplug More Often (A Must Read for Social Media Addicts!)

Lately I have been doing a lot of soul searching...and I mean a lot. I've come to a big realization: we all spend way too much time on our devices. Dare I say we all may be a little too addicted to social media and our phones? I won't spend too much time analyzing the behaviors of others or my own habits of mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest, tweeting, or texting my best friend about everything under the sun. Last week I came to a realization that it's just flat out unhealthy to spend so much time browsing through social media, or checking status updates from a long lost friend. I haven't been on my computer or twitter for about a week now, and honestly, I think I needed a detox from social media. It's crazy how much time you can waste out of your day just by checking your phone. I think what people don't understand about Instagram or Facebook is that people filter what they put out for the world to see. Today I decided to share with you why sometimes it's necessary for you to unplug from your gadgets and take a step back from social media. 

  •  You will worry less about what other people are doing. It's flat out unhealthy to focus so much on what other people are doing, saying, or thinking. Even with privacy settings, it can be so easy for others to pry into your life, whether you want them to or not.  By shutting out social media for a few days you'll be able to refocus your energy on what really matters. 
  • A detox will help you shut out unnecessary negativity... need I say more?
  • You will become more present in the moment - It's crazy how much you can miss by mindlessly starring at your phone. Sometimes Dustin has to remind me to put down my phone, especially on road trips, when I'm trying to take pictures and document the journey, it can be so easy to get lost in social media.  
  • Your productivity will improve - Just stop checking twitter, Instagram, or status updates for an hour and see how much you can get done, I'm sure it'll astonish you. 
  • Less headaches - Starring at blue light for hours on end is the best recipe for a killer headache.
  • Better sleep - To go with my previous statement, blue light can keep your brain active for hours on end, try silencing your phone or avoiding any of your gadgets a few hours before you hit the hay. 
  • You'll realize what's most important/ Maintain focus - Try shutting your phone off for a few hours, what does your mind wander to? Priorities...
  • Better relationships - Have you ever sat down at the dinner table to find that everyone is checking their phones? How appealing is that? How can you truly get to know someone if they're on their phone? By putting your phone away when you're around loved ones it allows you to be fully present in the moment.. and any conversation.