The Power of Making Bold (hair) Changes

Happy hump day lovelies! Today I wanted to share with you something very near and dear to my heart: the power of a haircut. I love being behind the chair and helping babes feel beautiful, it's one of the most incredible feelings to give someone a look they love. As much as I love being behind the chair, I love being in the chair - even hairdressers sometimes need a little extra TLC too. If I had a normal haircut, I could easily cut my own hair, in ten minutes - tops! Ever since hair school, I've stuck to one, funky ballsy cut - the Asymmetrical Bob. It's a cut for the creative, the daring, the bold, the artsy type of gal. I've always rocked this cut and loved it, especially being petite, it seems to suit my face and body type so well. Over the years, I've done a very short version of this cut, with my longest piece just hitting my jawbone (that's pretty short!) For about two years I've decided to grow out my hair, just a bit longer. My hair is at it's longest since starting hair school - a very big deal for a stylist. I've also chilled out on coloring my hair, I used to rock maroon reds constantly, but I've let my natural come through - which is an ashy blonde. I'm so excited to finally have my natural blonde hair back, and yet, I needed more. For the past year I've been rocking a blonde balayage through my hair, even close to a sombre if you will. I'm finally at a point where I'm loving my hair again, and I couldn't be happier. A few days ago a friend of mine from hair school reached out to me to offer a free haircut, she wanted to catch up and chit chat, how could I say no to friends?  I knew I needed a little trim and a reshape, so I dove in. Today I'm sharing with you how bold changes can be powerful to your mind, body and soul....enjoy!

My haircut yesterday:


What a haircut can do:

  • Confidence Boost - When you feel good, you look good, and that will radiate confidence. A haircut, or even a blow out can make any woman feel on top of the world. Every single salon visit should have you feeling 10x more confident in your looks than before, guaranteed. 
  • Moment of peace - Someone brushes through your hair, gives you a scalp massage, cuts of a few inches and then gives you a banging blow out - all the while you get to sit in peace, letting someone pamper you, how is that not the most relaxing thing?
  • Self-Love - After looking in the mirror at yourself for say, 45 minutes you begin to study yourself, your every attribute and really get a good glimpse at yourself. You're at a salon, a place where people come to get pampered, to help love their looks, you're bound to feel your finest, most beautiful, and confident. 
  • You feel fab - You're paying someone to give you the best shampoo/conditioning treatment that money can buy, and it should make you feel good....and if not, find a new stylist.(just kidding, no but really, it's important!) It's almost impossible to step out of the salon not feeling fabulous.
  • You look fab - A new haircut, or a blowout will leave you looking incredible! I can't stress it enough, a haircut can be a HUGE game changer in the lives of men and women. Maybe a haircut will be a domino affect in your life - you never know. A bold change can make you feel fierce, but it does wonders for the soul too. 


There is truly magic in the power of a good hair day, a great haircut, or a bold new hair color... you just have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone. What do you think? Have you ever done something bold to your hair? What's your favorite part about stepping into the salon? Feel free to share your stories with me down below!