Making a Move

Happy Friday lovelies, what a gloomy morning here in Maine. Although it's super gloomy out, life lately has been anything but. For awhile now, I haven't felt like I was in the right "place" and I was destined to change that. Today I decided to share with you all a very positive, exciting change I'm currently experiencing in my life. For Dustin and I, life has been a very exciting uphill climb these past few months. We've been working our asses off to save money for a big change, but that isn't exactly what I'll be sharing with you today. Something rather exciting, and well deserved fell into my lap a few months ago, and it's finally official:

I'm working with my dream company, doing exactly what I love. 

For years, I've aspired to work for this company, the "top pick beauty destination" in the industry. A place that shares the same values as I.

"We believe beauty is for each person to define and ours to celebrate. Together, we support and encourage bold choices-and in life. Our purpose is to inspire fearlessness"

This place is so much more than a "store". It's a family, it's a company built on beautiful values. A highly competitive/selective place where education is one of their top priorities, and a company that truly invests in it's people. I'm proud to finally say I work for my dream company, a place that pays extremely well, and allows me to be my unique, creative self. I'm so pleased to say I've stepped into the one of the most fun, creative, inspiring places to be in the industry. As much as I miss doing hair, this is something I've always aspired to get to.

I'm in awe that at my level in the industry, I've snagged this position. 

I'm proud to say I'm officially employed by one of my favorite places ever. I'm excited to say I will be constantly educated on the newest beauty trends, products, and makeup techniques. I will be teaching, and practicing the art of makeup artistry on clients continuously throughout my day. It's now officially my duty to let the true artist in me shine on my clients faces. Toeducate, and help men and women see their real beauty through skincare and makeup.

I've worked my ass off to get to this point in my career, and I'm thrilled to finally be doing exactly what I love, working with my favorite brands, and helping beauties boost their confidence through makeup artistry. 

Yep, that's right, it's SEPHORA! How insane, and exciting is this? It's a dream come true! It's took everything in me not to share it too soon, when I found out over a month ago. I've been on cloud nine ever since. Last week, I was on a 8 day training course with Sephora and their beauty educators/trainers in a lovely hotel/conference center in Portland. Let me just say: I am shocked at how much I've learned about skincare, makeup application and brand training. Sephora truly invests in it's makeup artists, and I'm loving every second of it. I knew Sephora was intense, and great about it's education, but I never expected this. It's so lovely, and kick-ass and I feel blessed to work for my favorite company. I'm excited to become an even better makeup artist and skincare professional. 

In this training I received this thick binder shown above containing the following sections: Welcome to Sephora, Celebrate Beauty, Skincare, Color (makeup), Fragrance, and Brand Training (skincare & makeup brands) I was in awe of how much knowledge they were handing us. Though it was an  intense training, I was thrilled to wake up at 5am each day and to spend nine hours learning and performing mini makeovers to my co-workers. I feel as though I'm already a stronger, more informed artist....and I still have so much to learn!

Some of my favorite brands I learned about in this training were: Kat Von D, Makeup Forever, NARS, Anastasia Beverly Hills, First Aid Beauty, Boscia, Philosophy, Origins, Shiseido, Smashbox and Urban Decay.

It was honestly the most interesting, in depth exciting training I had ever been to. Super informative, and I felt highly valued as a skincare/makeup professional in their company. I'm so very pleased and excited to start my journey into this company alongside some amazing and talented individuals. My ultimate goal with this company, is to climb the ladder, up to the Senior Beauty Educator, which is at the management level, where you are taught and informed about new products, brands, and techniques and in turn, you educate your team on them. I'm so very psyched to be working with this company and I can't wait to see where it takes me. I'm most grateful to be doing exactly what I love: Making an income while making an impact, helping enhance others beauty, in hopes they see themselves in a new light, and inspire self love and confidence. Makeup and skincare is not trivial matter, it's one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. Taking the utmost care of yourself, is essential and necessary.

I'm grateful through my work in the beauty industry, I can help others love themselves a little more, and help empower both men and women to be fearless not only with their makeup, but in their lives.

I love the beauty industry, it's so, so much more than a trivial matter, and I hope others see that it's so much deeper than surface level. I'm ready for this new chapter in my life, and excited to see where and what Sephora can offer me.