Beauty is Everywhere

Hello lovelies and happy Thursday - it's almost the weekend! I've had a very long, tiring week, and finally, I have a day off from the chaos that is Sephora. Life lately has been nothing short of sweet, and I'm happy to finally be working for my dream company - I can't say it enough, this company is INCREDIBLE! I finally feel like I'm where I'm supposed to be, and that is such a beautiful feeling. On another note, today I wanted to dive into the world of beauty, and the reasons behind why I chose to make a career out of helping others see their true beauty. 

Let me start of by is a hard thing to measure. Everyone has their own idea of what is beautiful. We all must remember that beauty is all around us, not just on faces or in magazines, but everywhere we look. 

Beauty is not measured by the length of your hair, the number of freckles on your skin, or the size of your jeans. 

Everyone is unique. Everyone is beautiful, and it's as simple as that. I can't tell you all how many people have have told me my career is filled with "trivial" matters. I'm here to tell you today, I truly do not believe that for one second. Sure, my career is based on "beauty" but it's so much more than slapping makeup on faces.

You can not wear beauty, it's not something you eat or drink, it's about knowing who you are, accepting yourself flaws and all and owning it. 

Beauty to me, is about how you love yourself, and others. It's about how you treat those around you, and how well you treat yourself. Having a beautiful soul is more important than having a pretty face. Just because someone may be beautiful on the exterior, does not mean they are any more of a person than the next. Beauty is about having a pretty mind, a kind heart and soul. 

Beauty is everywhere, even in the darkest, deepest most scariest of places you just have to look.

When I was much younger, I was super self conscious of my looks. It took me years to finally accept myself, my petite pear shape, my small brown eyes, and my less than perfect skin. I began to look past my surface flaws and work heavily on my self image. It took me years to finally be okay with the fact that I didn't compare to anyone else. 

I was unique, and there was nobody like me, and to me, that was beautiful. 

When I decided to enter the beauty industry, I knew I was making a very powerful, bold decision. Powerful, because I would help other men and women see their true beauty. Bold, because it's gutsy, it's creative, and the true artist in me craved a canvas. I wanted so desperately to help inspire others, to showcase my work, and most importantly: empower women. It's absolutely insane what one haircut, color or makeup application can do for someones self confidence, and that is what I live for. 

At a very young age I knew exactly what I wanted to do, I wanted to write, and help empower women.

I'm feeling very grateful to be working with a company that encourages everyone to come as they are, and to celebrate everyone's unique beauty. I love that Sephora's values and mine coincide and through that, I can truly do the work I love. Beauty is so much more than what you put on your face, and I love that I can help others be their own kind of beautiful. Beauty is everywhere, you just have to open your eyes. 


What does beauty mean to you? Share your thoughts below!