Don't Let it Define You

If there is one thing in this life that everyone needs to find peace with, it's themselves. Their mistakes, failures, their past they have no intention to look back on. The most important thing we all can do is to stop looking back, and keep moving forward. Never let yourselves get hung up on  old careers, relationships, the "could haves" the "should haves."

I'm here to tell you today my dear readers, no matter what happened in your past, you should never, never let it define you

You are not your past. You are not your failures. And you are most definitely not the person you were two years ago. You are you, flaws and all and that is beautiful. You are who you are because of every single thing that has ever happened to you.

We all deserve to say enough, draw a line in the sand and continue to move forward.

Sometimes, it's not what we're moving towards, it's about what we're leaving behind. All the hurt, regret, failures, the road not taken. Sometimes, along the way, it's the toxic hurtful relationships we must learn to let go of. It's so incredibly important to chose to wipe the slate clean, and start fresh. Don't let your past define you, or cripple you into the person you so desperately want to become. 

You are not defined by what you didn't achieve this past week, month or year. 

It's all about the obstacles you've overcome. All those battles you've fought. All the hardships you've faced. Don't let your failures define you. And most importantly, don't let the incredibly hard things that have happened to you in your life define you. To my dear readers, continue to forge a path for yourselves. Be daring, do whatever it is your heart desires. Keep moving forward, and keep being your authentic unique selves, because that is enough.