Experience over Posessions

Let me ask you something. Would you rather wait for an experience, say seeing your favorite band of all time play in your hometown or wait for your Apple watch to arrive in the mail? Which is more fufilling? What will bring you more happiness? Do you really look forward to owning your first Apple watch, or is it more of an impatient waiting game? And do we really need those material items to be happy?

Hell, no.

Purchasing your first designer purse may be exciting, and make you feel a bit more in touch with fashion and society, but it wont bring you happiness. You know, honest happiness. Happiness that only an experience can bring. Just think about it for a minute. You pre-ordered the newest Iphone, or Mac book and you're anxiously awaiting it's arrival. All of your friends have it, but you. You're the outsider. You're anxious, impatient, and just ready to say you have it. Doesn't sound very satisfying, right? Sure you need a laptop to make your every day projects run faster, but will it honestly make you happy? Probably not. Lets discuss.

Say you finally splurge on that designer dress you've been eyeing at Tj Maxx, even if it's $298 you've got to have it. You purchase it and wear it just a few times, but when you bought it, it made you feel good. But now, it's just back round noise. It's not something your mind wanders to. It not something you think about in your spare time and smile about. Now think about that mini getaway you and your guy took months ago, on a whim and totally had the time of your lives. That's something you still smile about til this very day. Something you think back to and it brings you joy. That was an experience WORTH paying for. 

When you're having an experience, and you purchase a possession, it becomes so much more than a possession. It becomes an experiential purchase, something tangible, something worth your money, or not. But it's worth it to you. It brings back that precious experience. It makes you feel something, happy or sad. But it makes you feel. Even a bad experience becomes a beautiful story. That story is worth being shared. Those objects, possessions become worth having. 

Lets think for a moment, do people really enjoy hearing about other peoples possessions?

Hell, no.

That just breads greediness and insecurity, you know exactly what I'm talking about. But do people really enjoy hearing about your experiences? Absolutely. I want to hear about the time you had the worst time of your life. I want to hear about the best times in your life. We all want to relate to one another and we all want to hear about an experience that changed you-good or bad. It's an experience and even someone else can benefit from it. 

You know that old saying, money can't buy happiness? Well it's only partially true. Money can buy an experience. Money can buy you a shiny new watch. But which would bring you the most happiness?

I'll take the experience, please.