Your Journey - Your Path

I woke up this morning feeling some type of way.... I couldn't even begin to describe it if I tried. It was nothing bad, in the least bit. I woke up to an empty bed, a chilly room and the sound of Pablo purring. I took a few minutes to gather my thoughts before heading downstairs and brewing a big cup of coffee. I wasn't thinking about work, my relationship, or what we're preparing to do in the next few months. I was thinking about my own life, my hopes, my dreams, the whole nine yards....and then I realized a few universal truths, and most importantly, I learned a few lessons all on my own in that short few minutes I spent laying in bed. 

We are all on a journey, each and everyone of us and time doesn't stop for anybody, no matter how much we wish it could. 

No matter where we are in life, regardless of how much progress we're making, we must accept where we are. We must stay patient, and trust our journey. Sometimes I tend to forget that nothing is guaranteed in life, not our time, our health, nothing. We must push forward, no matter what and be the best versions of ourselves that we can. I think we all forget to realize that we're all on different journeys. 

We should embrace our journeys, the mess, the chaos that is life and own our own stories.

Everyone is on different paths, with different direction, with a different destination in mind. When we're all too busy judging where someone is in their life, we forget to remind ourselves that we're all on separate journeys. Most of us have a hard time not comparing ourselves to each other and I think it's best not to. We all have to realize that we're exactly where we should be. 

 My dear friends, just know that whatever you do, wherever you are in your life, just know that it's enough.

 With all of our imperfections, and baggage we carry around on a daily basis, you are still enough. At this crazy moment in my life, I am excited yet terrified of where I'm headed. I don't know exactly where I'm going, but I know I'm on my way. I am so very excited for where I am headed in the next couple of months, and I can't wait to make some radical changes. I feel as if in this moment, I am comfortable, and exactly where I should be and that is a huge blessing to me. I don't wish I were elsewhere, or had more - nothing of the sort. I am content, and I am very pleased and excited where I am and where I am headed in the next few months. This life is mine, my own set of obstacles, setbacks, dreams and goals and I'm embracing everything that comes my way. We are all on separate journeys, let's not forget that. Lets help encourage and support those around us, even if we're all a little lost in this journey we call life.