Things You Should Do Alone

I guess you could say I'm a big fan of solo adventures. No I'm not a lone wolf, or a loner, I'm just content with being alone in most cases. Most people spend every waking moment filling their day with interaction that they forget to take "me" time. Spending time alone is a great way to recharge our batteries, and regroup. There are just a few things we all should do alone, to ensure we stay balanced, and centered in our every day lives. If you're afraid of being alone, here are just a few things we all should do alone every now and again. 


Hit the gym/exercise

Most of my girlfriends absolutely dread hitting the gym... and I can't seem to figure out why. I've never been the type of gal that needs a "gym buddy" but I'd totally welcome it. Hitting the gym alone, allows me to properly clear my head. It gives me time to totally decompress after my day and helps to rejuvenate my cluttered mind. When you're with someone else at the gym you're always worried about going at their pace, and it doesn't allow you to push yourself to "your" limit. I've seen it a million times at the gym, girls who are too intimidated to go alone, that they bring a friend, and often times don't do too much exercise at all. I totally get the whole gym buddy thing, though, sometimes you just need a push. I've never been the type of gal that absolutely needs somebody by her side when it comes to exercise. I have all the motivation and will power I need to get the job done and for that, I'm grateful. Even if you need a gym buddy, or you count on your bff to support you at the gym, be your own motivation. Hit the gym just once, alone. I promise it won't be that bad, and wont be as awkward as you think.  It's essential to take more "personal" time throughout our busy day to be alone. I know it sounds lonesome, but trust me, it's well worth the effort. Being alone and breaking a sweat will allow you to truly clear your mind, and decompress. 



This may be a given, but reading should be one of those do it by yourself activities. I can't stand when I'm surrounded by people when trying to read, it's just too distracting. I don't understand how someone can lose themselves in a novel at a coffee shop while sipping their latte, like please, tell me your secret already! I couldn't full immerse myself in a book unless I'm alone, or in a quiet space. I enjoy myself so much more when I'm in a peaceful environment. Even if you're the type of person that can read just about anywhere, I encourage you to do it in a quiet setting. Crack open a new book outside on your back porch while breathing fresh air and lose yourself. Reading by yourself is the ultimate "me" time activity everyone should indulge in. 


Wander somewhere new

This is the ultimate thing to do by yourself, I swear. Whenever I have a day off I love solo adventures. Whether it's shopping at a cute boutique downtown or driving aimlessly in my own town, I'm bound to see new things wherever I go. For me, solo adventures are necessary for my own growth. Getting lost, and finding a new place, town, or place to eat is the spice of life. As fun as it is to wander around with another person, it's just as fun to do it by yourself. I love trying out new coffee shops by myself, and people watching. When I was working in the Old Port this past summer, I would purposely leave the house two hours early to try out new places for lunch. I would park by work early, and wander around the city alone. Every day was a new adventure, and I always had a blast. Every night when I came home from work, I always had a story to tell. What is life if it isn't spontaneous and filled with adventure? Solo adventures are so important to the growth of one self. Taking a few solo adventures a few times a week has given me my independence. 


If you're afraid of being alone, I dare you to try something on this list. What are your favorite things to do alone? I'd love to hear!





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