Choose to Invest in Yourself

Good morning lovelies and happy Sunday! For the past week, I've been all about self-development. I've been constantly analyzing my choices, dreams, and attitude towards myself. In this past year I've made it a priority to evaluate my friendships, and really weed out the negative in my life. It's so important to make yourself, and self care a priority because at the end of the day, you're the longest commitment you have in your life. Today I will be sharing two personal ways I am personally working on my self-development. I hope it may inspire you to do the same.  


Eat Healthier

In this past year, I've made my health my #1 priority. I've always been a total gym rat, someone who prides herself on hitting the gym 4-5 days out of the week. That still in itself, was not enough for me. This year I made a goal to get to my best mental/physical state through practicing self care. I made it my mission to completely change my relationship with food. For years, I would "treat" or "comfort" myself with food. That was just one way I used to cope with failure, defeat, or sadness. If I had a bad day, Ben and Jerrys it was. If I had a stressful week at work, I would treat myself to a huge bag of cheesy Doritoz, awful right?. That was my way of coping with stress, and that was something I didn't want to do anymore. I didn't want to mindlessly binge on food just because I was stressed. For the most part, I've always ate clean, despite my junk food binges but I wanted to end the binges. I'm proud to say I haven't experienced a stress induced food related binge in a very long time. In the past two years, Dustin and I have made a tremendous effort to really clean up our diet together as a couple. Making such a radical change with someone else, has made all the difference. We keep each other in check, and cook healthier meals together. I believe when you have a better relationship with food, and yourself, you hold yourself to a higher standard. By choosing to eat healthier, I've noticed numerous changes in my energy levels, attitude, and shape. When I stopped drinking soda three years ago, I dropped weight like nothing. I didn't feel tired, or rundown. By cooking healthy meals at home, and saying "no" to fast food, my life has changed drastically. I not only have a healthier relationship with food, I have a better relationship and new found love for my body. 



Giving your body what it needs

About a week ago, Dustin and I went on a three mile hike. We walked through water, dirt and mud and when we finished, I was a hot mess. I was wearing my gym sneakers that were torn up, falling apart, and caked in mud. I was so mad that my comfy gym sneakers were super dirty and no longer "presentable." My guy didn't fail to point out a valuable truth: I had those sneakers for three years.....three. With how much I hit the gym, and spend hiking, I should have replaced my less than supportive sneakers a long time ago. After he pointed that out, I realized something else: I hated spending money on what I really needed. He was right, and I needed new sneakers, and to grasp a different perspective. As silly as it seems, that day I realized I need to invest in myself, and in my life. I need to get myself the tools that will help me get to where I'm going. Whether it's a new pair of Under Armour sneakers, or a new laptop to blog on, it's a valuable investment. Even if those investments, you need to give your body what it needs in order to thrive. 


For the longest time, I made myself my last priority. I was always taking care of everyone else, and running around to make sure everyone had everything they needed. Maybe that was the nurturer in me, but it was not a healthy balance. I never solely concentrated on myself, or invested in me. Up until that point, I led a very stressed out, chaotic life. When I realized I needed to make myself my #1 priority, and give myself the tools to becoming the happiest "me" I could be, everything had changed. Through the highest practice of self care, and positive habits, I'm on the road to where I want to be. For those of you who struggle to put yourself first, and invest in yourself, just remember that the best project you'll ever work on is yourself.