5 Reasons Why You Should Workout Today

Hello lovelies and happy Wednesday! It's been such a long week for me already, and all I want to do is curl up with a good book & sip tea, but that just isn't in the cards for me this week. Lately, life has been pretty nuts around here, and all I want to do is really "unwind" and feel stress free. With my chaotic schedule, sometimes it can be hard to find "me" time. If there's one hour or two out of my day I can dedicate to 100% myself, it's when I hit the gym. If I didn't have time out of my day to workout, my head would probably explode. Exercise for me is not only therapeutic, it's absolutely essential. Today I will be talking about ways to motivate yourself to hit the gym & 5 reasons why you should workout today. If you're looking for a little inspiration, look no further, just keep on reading. 


So, you need a little motivation....

I'm going to be completely blunt here, if you're looking for motivation you probably wont find it here. Motivation comes from within, it's a very personal thing for each and every one of us. Motivation is something only YOU can define for yourself. I can tell you all the reasons why you SHOULD workout, and list all the benefits but only you can muster up the motivation to do so. Sure, I'm showing you a little tough love here, but you have to be your own inspiration. So, do whatever you have to do, ask yourself the tough questions, create a fitsporation pinterest board, write down your own personal goals. Do whatever you have to do to motivate yourself to get your butt moving. Here are just a few tips I can give you to help you put your body in motion, and get yourself on your way to the gym. 


 5 Ways to Get Yourself to the Gym


Pack your gym bag

Sounds pretty easy, right? When you're more prepared for what's to come, you're twice as likely to do it. If you toss your sneakers, water bottle and gym bag in the front seat of your car, you're already 50% there.  

Wear cute clothes

Let me rephrase that statement, wear clothes that make you feel cute, but you're comfortable in. If you don't have clothes that make you feel amazing about your body, you're not going to feel good, period. I highly invest hitting up your local Tj Maxx or Marshalls, and find cute workout wear that you feel good in. Buy a few pieces that make you want to put them to good use. 

Recruit a gym buddy

Make a gym date with your bestie, and hold each other accountable. It really is that simple. Sometimes, you just need that extra motivation to get your ass to the gym, and that's 100% okay. Making a gym date with a friend is not only a great idea, it will make you stay longer once you're there. 


Schedule it in your day

If you're a busy gal like me, map out your day. Designate two hours to hitting the gym, and make it your priority to get there. If you schedule a good chunk out of your day to exercise, you're more likely to go. Even if you have to write it in your calendar on your phone, just schedule yourself that downtime and just do it!


Tell somebody

Tell somebody, anyone what your plans are for the day. Even if you have nobody to tell it to, say aloud "I'm going to the gym today at 5:30 after work." Reinforcing your plans not only solidifies it in your mind, but you make it an even bigger priority in your day. It hold yourself more accountable, and it helps you make it happen. 



Now that we're thinking about ways to get ourselves off of our couches and to the gym....



5 Reasons Why You Should Workout Today


You will be happier

Hitting the gym may seem totally dreadful to some of you, but I promise it wont be. Even if you do thirty minutes of cardio, and decide to leave I promise you will be happier as a result. You will be so much happier knowing you at least got there, and completed some sort of physical activity. Any sort of physical activity results in the release of endorphin's, considerably improving your mood. What more reasons do you really need? Exercise = Happiness. 

More energy

Not only does exercise improve your mood and overall happiness, it boosts your energy levels too. But really, what more reasons to exercise do you need? Lets break it down a little...when you exercise, you have an increase to your blood flow, which gives us more oxygen (to gives us more energy) which leaves us all feeling more energetic as a whole. Also, endorphin's are released, which give us an even bigger "feel good" sensation. 

Personal time

This is one of my biggest reasons I love to hit the gym. Not only does it make you feel 100% happier, it gives you alone time. When you hit the gym, it allows you the personal time you need in your busy every day schedule. Also, it's something you're doing only for yourself. It allows you to be selfish and solely concentrate on yourself. When you're at the gym, you can completely disconnect from social media, and your phone and fully relax. 

It keeps your body fit & strong

I'm not about to get all scientific on you, but exercise does keep your body in tip top shape. Yes, it keeps your body tight and toned, but it does so much more than that. Exercise keeps your organs running smoothly and improves your overall bodily functions. Exercise is a powerhouse that keeps your body healthy, strong and able to run smoother as a whole. 

Better quality of life

Hitting the gym, the track, the pool, whatever exercise you want to do provides a better quality of life. Without exercise, we all feel worse. We feel sluggish, tired, our mood is just minimal. When we exercise and get our blood pumping, we come alive. When we exercise our body runs smoother, our skin becomes clearer, and as a whole we are all so much happier. Physical fitness gives us a better quality of life, while fighting to keep our body "healthy." Exercise boosts our mood, our self esteem, and makes us feel good all around. When we feel good, we're happier as a result. 


So, if you're ready to start a new fitness journey, why not begin now? What's stopping you? If you're ready to become a better "you" begin today. Every single day is a chance to start fresh. I hope you decide to make a few changes in your own life and live the life you so rightfully deserve.