6 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life

Hello lovelies and happy Friday! Finally the weekend for most of you, unless you work practically every day like me. This morning I woke up feeling differently about life. I felt less anxious, excited, refreshed and ready to tackle the day. For the past few weeks I've been stressed with how everything was going in my personal life. I felt burnt out, and very frustrated with how life was coming together. With our big move coming, I decided I needed to do some "weeding" or simplifying. I needed to focus on myself, my personal growth and really disregard all the stressors surrounding me. Today I'm sharing my personal ways to simplify your life, things I swear by that will get you on your healthiest, happiest path imaginable. 



6 Easy ways to Simplify your Life


Taking moments to breathe

Allowing yourself downtime is crucial for your sanity. It keeps you more focused overall, and on task through out your day. Sometimes in our busy every day lives we forget to take short moments to check in with ourselves. We need to make our own happiness a priority, too. Even if your schedule is jam packed for the day, taking a five minute stretch break outside will re-energize and help you refocus. 

Say "no" more often

Saying "no" especially in the work place can be very hard. "Can you come in two hours earlier than scheduled tomorrow to finish this project for me?" I'm a big "yes" girl, I practically say yes every time someone needs a favor. It took me a very long time to realize that behavior can lead to more harm than good. We all need to start saying "no" to more commitments, obligations, and events that we don't want to attend. If we start doing less, our lives are simplified almost immediately. 

Quit multitasking

Yes, multitasking helps us all get a tremendous amount of work done quicker... but it's not the best route. Multitasking can make your day seem daunting, and never ending. Focusing solely on one task at a time will make you feel more accomplished as a whole. Tackling everything on your to-do list all at once leaves you feeling frazzled, and less motivated to get it all done. Sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day to get everything done, and that's okay. Taking your time and putting all your energy into one thing at a time keeps you feeling fresh.  

Create a morning routine

It took me years to finally nail down a morning routine. I get up two hours earlier, before I have to start getting ready for work to take my time waking up. I brew coffee, and have quiet time each morning. Sometimes I blog, read a book, or watch Youtube videos. Whatever your morning routine, it's essential to have one. Without a morning routine, my whole day feels thrown off. If I didn't get up two hours earlier each day, I wouldn't feel ready to tackle my day. Getting up earlier and taking my time each morning allows me to mentally prepare for my day. Allowing yourself extra time each morning is the easiest way to not only simply each morning, but your entire week. 

Reevaluate your relationships

This can be a tough one for all of us, but it's essential to our growth. Reevaluating our relationships with the people we hold close is so very important. If someone ever makes you feel any less, treats you unfairly, or is just toxic, you must let them go. It took me years to finally come to term with toxic people in my life, and keep them at a distance. Setting boundaries, or completely cutting the negative out of your life is not an act of cruelty, it's an act of self care. When I finally began to cut negative people from my life, I felt happier, less stressed, and like I could finally lead to life I always wanted, free from negativity, and unnecessary stress. 

Manage your time

Time is everything. With only twenty four hours in each day, with so many things to do, you need to manage your time wisely. Start with your days off, allow yourself downtime, but schedule time for all the other things, too. I can't stand to be unproductive on my days off, it makes me feel absolutely useless. I always create "to do" lists, to ensure I'm managing my time correctly. Time is such a valuable things that you need to guard fiercely. Time can quickly slip away if you're not making the most of it each day. By managing your time efficiently and mapping out a plan for success, you can easily simplify your schedule each day.


What are your best tips to live a simple, meaningful life?  I'd love to hear your tips!