10 (of my favorite) Small Joys in Life

Sometimes, you just can't full appreciate the beauty of all the the little things. I make it a point in my every day life to look around, and truly take it all in. It can be hard to appreciate all the small joys around us when we're living in a world where we're all constantly on the go. Sometimes you just have to put your phone down, shut off your laptop, and fully immerse yourself in the beauty that surrounds us. Today I'm sharing just a few of ,my favorite small joys in life. 

  1. A perfect cup of coffee in your favorite mug.
  2. Long, warm hugs from a loved one.
  3. Your favorite blanket, fresh out of the dryer. 
  4. Endorphins, need I say more?
  5. Waking up to the birds chirping outside your window
  6. Good morning texts from your other half.
  7. That feeling of a cool breeze on a humid day.
  8. When your pets greet you, excitedly.
  9. Wearing your favorite jeans that make you feel great about your body.
  10. Summertime sunsets that look like a watercolor painting. 

Today I realized I needed to focus less on stress, and more on what I'm thankful for. I thought this morning would be the perfect chance to reflect on all of the small joys in life, and create a list I could revisit when I'm feeling down. These are all the little joys in my life that I would like to appreciate just a little bit more each day. Sometimes we all need to slow down and really take it all in, because life is all but one big moment. 


What are your favorite small joys in life? Create a list and count all the small things you're grateful for today.