Real Talk: How I Deal with Anxiety

Anxiety. It's not fun and it's something everyone deals with at least once in their lifetime (or just about a million times a day.) Anxiety can be triggered by an event in your every day life, or simply just by reading something here on the internet. It can come on so easy and fast, you never knew what hit you or why you were feeling a certain way. It comes in many forms, and everyone deals with it differently. Though this is a tough subject to tackle, today I'm sharing with you what I've been dealing with for the past month and just how I'm dealing with it. 

I've been busy as hell with work for the past month, working a ton of extra hours and haven't had a ton of time to blog lately. Blogging has been such a great outlet for me, and I love being able to sit down and just let the words flow. It kills me that I've been too busy to really update you all and share with you how I'm doing. For the past month I've been busy, busy worrying. There is just so much to stress about when you're moving cross country! 

Between work, balancing my everyday life and preparing to move, I've been stretched thin. Lately, more than ever I've been faced with anxiety. I'm super anxious about this move, This is something I've never done before! I have never moved away from the place that I call "home." I honestly think it's crazy that I'm so worried. I know that there are better things ahead, and that this will be an amazing life experience.

Even with the anxiety that comes with moving so far away, I'm excited more than I could explain. I'm ready to start our lives together, get our first home together and really start living life. Not that we haven't been really "living" but I'm just ready for new experiences, and tackling life beside my best friend. Dustin has been the most incredible support system through this whole thing, and I couldn't be more grateful for his unconditional love. It's absolutely crazy to me that he's so calm and chill about moving almost 2,000 miles away from all of our friends and family. I wish I could be more like that!  Although I'm crazy anxious about this move I am positive that there are more things to be happy about than stress over. 

Today I'm sharing with you the ways I've been dealing with all of my anxiety, I hope some of my best practices will help you


Deep Breathing

Deep breathing sometimes can be a challenge when you're anxious, but....There's an app for that! I've been absolutely obsessed with "Relax Life" it's a free app you can download for IPhone or Android. I first discovered this app through Pinterest, I believe it was mentioning the best apps for dealing with anxiety. This app is honestly so helpful in easing my anxiety and keeping me calm every day. There are two things you can do with this app: 1. Deep breathing 2. Meditation. I've only practiced the deep breathing, it can go on for 5-20 minutes, or longer depending on your level. You set the music, I chose ocean waves and it tells you when to inhale and exhale, with a built in timer so you're not over doing it. I find this to be extremely helpful and super relaxing! The other part is guided meditation. It's a woman's voice that slowly walks you through meditation. I have yet to try that part, but to be quite honest, I think every girl needs this app! It's been so helpful in keeping me calm, balanced and centered in my crazy hectic schedule. Next time you're feeling anxious, try downloading this app!


Switch off

To be honest, this is one of my favorite forms of chilling out. When I'm anxious, I tend to grab my phone and surf the web. I look at Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest until I feel distracted. Just recently I realized this behavior was  unhealthy. If you're not "dealing" with your anxious feelings, you aren't going to solve the problem at hand. Spending hours on Pinterest is not going to solve any problems, it honestly may create a few. Spending a ton of time on social media really doesn't do anyone a world of good. Starring into your phone or computer screen may be fun, but you aren't meant to live life on your phone 24/7! Lately I'm been putting my computer and phone out of reach. I'm the type of gal that loves to be outside, and I've been making even more of an effort to spend as much time outdoors as I can. When you allow yourself to face your emotions, it becomes easier to cope with them. By avoiding a problem, or distracting yourself with social media, you're not allowing yourself to really deal. When you put your phone down and go on a walk, you begin to see things a little more clearly. If you're ever feeling anxious, step a way from technology and be alone with yourself for awhile. 



This is something I say is a solution to most problems, but it's probably because it works. Exercise is a huge part of my every day life, and I owe my overall well being to it. Just this past Tuesday, I was feeling super anxious. It was my day off and I had such a relaxing day with Dustin. By the end of the day I was feeling nervous about our move. I decided to get dressed and head to the gym. I spent twenty minutes running, something I rarely do. I went as fast as I could and blasted my favorite station on Pandora. There's just something about a good run, it completely refreshes the mind. As soon as I put my headphones on, and focused on running, all of my worried melted away. At the end of that twenty minutes, I felt happier. My head felt clearer, and I felt calm. Any physical activity, no matter if it's just a long walk or a gruesome sweat session at the gym will ease anxiety. If you're ever anxious, try exercising, any form of it will release endorphin's and instantly make you happier.  


Whatever it is that you're feeling anxious about, your career, future, relationships, or a big move cross country, maybe you find yourself feeling anxious for small reasons, it's crucial to find a healthy outlet for all of your feelings. Never distract yourself, always confront your feelings and find your own best way in coping with them.