Creating a Positive Morning Routine

Hello lovelies and happy Monday! Today I decided to share with you my tips/tricks on creating a positive, productive morning routine. I never really knew how much a morning routine could make or break you, let alone set the tone for your entire day. Today on the blog I'm getting personal, giving you a glimpse into my morning routine, and sharing with you a few tips to help improve your own, enjoy!

Wake up extra early

I always say, early to bed, early to rise. Doing a little nighttime prep before bed, whatever you have to do to get yourself up early, just do it! Even if you have to set two alarms, do what you have to. On days where you have a million things planned, work, school, or both, getting up early will allow you to mentally prepare for your whole day. When I'm faced with a crazy work schedule, I make sure to set my alarm three hours early... I know you're totally thinking I'm crazy, but it works for me. Getting up extra early allows me to drink my coffee at a snails pace, and gently wake up. No rushing, huffing, or running around to get everything ready for my day. 


Stay away from your phone

We're all guilty of it.... You wake up, grab your phone and start mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, checking your Twitter, and every single social media platform under the sun. To be quite honest, this does more harm for you than good. Why let the energy of others affect your own before you even start your day? I swear the longer we all stay off of social media, the better our days will be. Try waking up early, and avoiding your phone for an hour or two each and every day. 


Practice Self Care

The picture posted above, is exactly how I like to start my mornings. With my fur baby, Pablo, and a good read. My best friend Lauren gifted me this book, Simple Abundance: A Day Book of Comfort and Joy, and I'm absolutely obsessed. It's such an inspiring book perfect for mornings. There is a page for every single day of the year, with the date, that always provides you with a short, uplifting passage. This book allows me to start my day off on the right foot, and gives me a calm feeling of inner peace. I recommend picking up any kind of book, something dedicated to self care, and reading short excerpts each morning to encourage a positive state of mind. 


Caffeine or Tea

This is something I look forward to each and every morning. Indulging in my favorite cup of coffee, with my Almond Joy creamer makes my mornings that more special. Regardless if it's coffee, or tea, make it a practice each morning. I make it a point to drink my coffee out of my favorite, uplifting mug, something with a positive quote or saying. I love hitting up Tj Maxx or Marshalls and purchasing a few cute mugs that will make me that much more excited for my morning routine. Creating a small morning ritual helps everyone feel that much more put together. Filling each mornings with small joys can set the tone for a positive, more fulfilling day. 


Whatever makes your morning "yours" just do it! Make sure to practice mindful morning rituals to help yourself feel that more put together. I never used to be a morning person until I began creating positive morning rituals. These small activities help me begin my day on a positive note. When I'm pressed for time and can't manage to fit all these activities in my mornings, I try for at least one. Mornings are a very unique, and personal time for each and every one of us. I hope you find yourself changing up your routine, or adding something more positive into it. Whatever you do, I hope it's positive, and I hope you begin looking forward to your mornings.

What are your favorite morning routines? I'd love to hear!