For The Chronic Over-thinker/Worrier

Today I'm talking about the gal who is always overthinking everything. She's always over-analyzing, and worrying about anything and everything. So for all of you over-analyzing people, chronic worriers, and over-thinkers....

This one is for you.

I myself am guilty of it. It's something I do best. I over analyze absolutely everything, and I mean everything. It's one habit I can't seem to kick. One of my biggest struggles as of late is forgetting to live in the present moment. I'm constantly consumed with thoughts of the future. I'm never taking the time to fully immerse in the present moment at hand.

Today, I've decided to create a list of things we should remind ourselves when we begin to over-think, over-analyze, and begin the vicious cycle of worrying. 


  1. Get our of your own way and start living the life you so desperately want. 
  2. Your thoughts create your reality, so make sure you're staying positive. 
  3. Worrying about the things you can't control is a waste of precious time. 
  4. Every single person out there worries about something, you're never alone. 
  5. For every negative thought you have, match it with a positive one, you'll surprise yourself.
  6. Never let worrying, or overthinking prevent you from doing something you want. 
  7. When you begin to worry about something, tell someone, even if it's something small.
  8. You have one life, and it's not to be spent worrying/over-thinking about anything/everything. 
  9. Live your life fully right now, and stop thinking about your past/future. 
  10. If you're feeling overwhelmed, get active and start moving, breaking a sweat is mentally refreshing. 


For all of my readers, I hope that this post was helpful. I hope that if you're anything like me, a worrier, a constant over-thinker, you begin to realize that you're in control of your thoughts. You're fully capable of turning off those negative thoughts, and switching to a more positive outlook. I hope that if you're struggling, you realize that it's okay. Everyone worries, and everyone overthinks, it's apart of life. 

How do you get yourself to stop worrying and over-thinking?