Finding Balance in Your Everyday Life

Hey lovelies! How are you all doing today? I'm not going lie guys, lately I've been feeling overwhelmed. I suppose you could say overwhelemed is a bit of an understatement..I swear moving cross country, has changed everything for me. I'm still trying my hardest to adjust to life here in Dallas, and still getting used to the fact that I'm newly engaged. Everyone is always asking how "wedding planning" is going, and to be quite honest, I haven't given it much thought. We know our venue, and who we want there, and all the big details, but other than that, I haven't planned anything - and I'm perfectly okay with that. I'm in no rush to jump straight into wedding planning, or even setting a date just yet, we just have too much going on at this very moment.

 These past five months have been the most hectic, and busiest months of our lives. The last thing I want to do at this moment, is focus on the future, when I have a million things going on in this present day. I'm balancing a full-time job, hitting the gym on a regular basis, and trying to maintain my relationships, all the while trying to figure out how the heck I'm going to fit school into the mess of all of this chaos - also running this blog, which I absolutely love! 

Lets be real for a second here....I chose this life, and I absolutely love my job, where I'm headed, and trying so very dearly to figure out what I'm going to do with this one wild life.

I love, love, love the chaos of it all.

So, how the heck do we balance everything? The 9-5, keeping in shape, maintaining relationships, or even trying to attain a degree? 

If you're struggling just a bit like me right now, read through these four easy ways to welcome balance back into your everyday life. I hope they can help!


Finding Balance in Your Everyday Life




When you're super overwhelmed with your crazy schedule, your job, your obligations, you just need to stop and remember to breathe. Breathe in, breathe out, and focus on your breathing. Whenever I start to feel anxious, angry, or overwhelmed I try hard to pause, and just breathe for a moment. This is something you can do on your way to work, or coming home. During my crazy work week I always find the time to pencil in a yoga class, or just simply practice various poses that force me to really breathe. Find whatever works for you, and just do it!




Whether you're working a 9-5, your a single parent juggling a hundred things at once, or you're struggling to earn your degree, we all need balance, every single stinking one of us! I know that many of us struggle to keep ourselves balanced each week when we have a million things to get done, but we must first prioritize. Grab your favorite notebook, a cute pen, and start writing out your to-do lists. Write down your non-negotiables, things that absolutely need to get done. Making time for what's most important to your mind, body and soul is crucial for your sanity. Always remind yourself what's most important, and go from there. 




When the weight of your world aka your career, relationship/marriage,sanity is on your shoulders, you need to give yourself a break, seriously. Take a moment out of the chaos for yourself. Practice self care, do what you have to do to refocus, and recharge. Sometimes, when I'm feeling super overwhelmed with work, I'll put my phone in the other room and watch my favorite tv shows, and just relax; other people/deadlines can wait, your sanity can't. Make time for yourself, to rest, recharge and get yourself ready to tackle whatever's on your to-do lists. 




Taking time out of your busy schedule to break a sweat is so so important to your mind, body and spirit. If I didn't hit the gym 4-5 days out of the week I would be a sluggish, grumpy mess! Giving your body what it needs: proper nutrition, sleep, and exercise is what keeps you going strong. Without your health you don't have anything. Take time out of your busy life to focus on what matters most....YOU! 


I just wanted to say to you all - finding balance can be tough. I've been in my new city since September and I'm still struggling to find balance in my everyday life. Some days are definitely easier than others, but most of the time, I really have to work at it. I truly hope my tips can help you level out your life just a little bit. 


How do you find balance, and peace in your crazy, hectic every day life?