Things to Do On a Sunday Morning

Hey lovelies, and happy Sunday! How are all of you doing lately? Today, I'm tired, I wont lie...I've had about two and a half cups of coffee and I'm finally feeling ready to start my day. I also caught a nasty cold and am feeling a bit lazy today.  Maybe I'll spend this Sunday decompressing from my crazy workload, or maybe, I'll make it a productive day....who knows! Today I wanted to share with you all things you could do (or maybe should do) on a Sunday morning. Sundays in our home are days of rest, recharge, but sometimes they're days of adventure, and never ending tasks. You can do so much on a Sunday, or really any day if you get up early enough and decide what to do with your time.

Today I'm telling you to choose your time wisely. Today, I'm telling you to fill your day with joy. Today, is your day to do whatever you want with, how are you going to spend your Sunday?

I'm sharing with you all things you could do on a Sunday. That is not to say every little thing will sound appealing to you, but I'm sure it will give you a few great ideas that will help you rest, recharge, and prepare for the week ahead. 


Things to Do on a Sunday Morning


Slip into your most comfortable pj's or robe, get cozy.

Read while sipping your coffee.

Make a plan for your day. 

Or don't make a plan at all, and let the day flow.

Cook yourself a big breakfast.

Treat yourself. 

Prepare for the rest of your week.

Clean out your pantry/fridge.

Set goals for the week ahead. 

Wake up early.

Do a beauty treatment, following a self care power hour.

Go makeup free, let your skin breathe.

Put your phone down, and spend time alone.

Hit the gym, or even a relaxing yoga class.

Practice gratitude, or start a journal.

Spend time with your loved ones.

Make Sunday a devoted to resting, or specially for a certain activity.

Go out to brunch with your guy.

Meet your girlfriends at a local cafe and catch up.

Go on a solo adventure somewhere new. 

Clean, and declutter your home.

Meal prep for the week ahead.

Give yourself a mani/pedi and sit in your coziest bathrobe.

Light candles, put on good music and hang around the house.

Listen to your favorite music.

Open the curtains and stretch a bit before doing anything else. 

Grab a cup of tea and run yourself a bath.

Call your parents and tell them about your week.

Grab your planner and pay your bills.

Take a cat nap.

Pet an animal.

Have quiet time to yourself, free from any distraction.



What are some of your favorite activities to do on a sunday? I'd love to hear!