5 Things That Make Me Feel More Productive

Being tense and anxious is not a good look on anybody. It's really not good for your health either. Lately I've found that finding activities that keep you calm, and feeling more productive as a whole is hugely beneficial to your mind, body and spirit. Even if you only have a few "go-to" activities that keep you feeling balanced, it's so important to do them. Today I'm sharing with you 5 things that personally make me feel more productive as a whole. 


5 Things That Make Me Feel More Productive



Allowing extra time

I'm a big fan of allowing myself extra time, especially on work days. I can't stand being late, so I like to allow myself extra time each morning to get everything done, to ensure my day is productive. Whenever I don't have any extra time in the morning, I tend to feel rushed, and then I start to panic - who wants that?  Even if I have an extra ten minutes on my hands, that allows me time to mentally prepare for my day. 


Getting up early

I can't stress this enough, getting up early is so important for me. I love sleeping in, and not having to set an alarm, but getting up early does my body a world of good. It allows me to take my time, and prepare for my day. I think creating a positive morning routine is also something that easily makes me feel more productive as a whole. I could never wake up, and just quickly get ready, or rush right out the door. I like to give myself an hour before I have to begin getting ready for my day to slowly sip my coffee, browse through Pinterest, or even read a few pages of a novel. Getting up early allows me to collect my thoughts, and begin to prepare for my day. It just makes me feel more productive as a whole. 


Tidying up

I'm the queen of tidying, and my fiance knows it and probably thinks I'm crazy for it. I love tidying up every nook and cranny before heading out the door. I love coming home to a clean home, because it allows me to breathe a bit easier. I'm the type of person who thoroughly enjoys cleaning, it's just something that instantly calms me down and makes me feel that much more put together. I feel like a clean space allows me to be that much calmer and more productive.  


Taking time to breathe

This one is especially important, if I don't give myself time to breathe, and breathe deeply, my whole mental state is put into a frenzy. I've always struggled with anxiety and depression, so finding balance in my every day life is crucial for me. Taking the time to breathe, no matter how big my workload is that day, makes all the difference. Even if it's for five minutes, it lets allows me to feel more calm, and collected.


Hitting a yoga class

Working full time, and having a creative side biz is sometimes a bit overwhelming...lets be real, it's SUPER overwhelming at times. Health and Fitness is everything to me, and makes me feel so much better mentally and physically. I'm fortunate enough to have access to my fiances private gym at his work, it offers so many amazing free classes. Even if I can hit just 1-2 a week it makes me feel more productive as a whole. Last week I got into Barre, and today I'm headed to a Pilates class. Working out not only makes me feel calmer as a whole, but more productive within my every day life. 


What are some activities you enjoy that make you feel more balanced and productive? I'd love to hear!