10 Inexpensive Ideas for Self Care You Can Do Today!

I recently had a strange thought when I was talking to a friend about going on date nights with her hubby....how many of us take ourselves on solo ates? or have a girls night....alone? And why is it such a foreign concept when we bring it up to our friends? I know it may seem a little weird to want to take yourself on a "date" but it's essential for your sanity. Spending time by yourself isn't weird, in the least bit, it's necessary. Even if your not an introvert, spending time by yourself gives you the perfect opportunity to practice self care. Whenever I'm feeling drained, it's so crucial that I sneak away, by myself to mentally recharge my batteries Over the years, I've weeded out a lot of toxic, negative energy (and people) around me, and I've come to realize one thing: the most important relationship you can have is with yourself. Being by yourself and practicing self care allows you to truly get to know your most authentic self. That in itself, is the very reason why I pride myself on going on "solo dates" because it allows me time to be a little selfish and focus on me, myself and I. Today I'm sharing a few ways you can take yourself on solo date nights-inexpensive ones of course.


10 Inexpensive "Solo Date" Ideas for Self Care

1. Hit the salon/spa and get pampered. Or pick up a new polishes, scrubs, and face masks and have a spa day at home, followed by a major pampering sesh.

2. Put on your favorite outfit, hit up your favorite coffee spot, and bring your book to indulge in quite time.

3. Wander around downtown and explore your city (don't forget parking money) or explore a free museum.

4. Find a delicious recipe on Pinterest, go shopping and make yourself a meal at home (a glass of wine is greatly encouraged!)

5. Go for a Target run and let yourself wander around the aisles (and take as much time as you'd like)

6. Put on a cute outfit and do a solo photoshoot in your home.

7. Walk around an unfamiliar park, or even a dog park and let your thoughts wander where they may.

8. Pick up a new hobby on the fly, and practice.

9. Order your favorite delivery food and relax at home in your comfiest sweats.

10. Get in your car and go for a drive around your town and blast your favorite music.


What's your favorite way to spend time with yourself?