5 Ways to Handle Dealing With A Major Life Change

Lets be real for a sec, the day Dustin and I set off to move cross country, I was a ball of nerves. The six months leading up to that moment, I was beyond ready to jet off to my new life in Texas. When we finally began driving, I was calm- for about four or so hours, and then I wasn't. I was a total mess of emotions, from anxious, to excited, to sad, and happy again. Making a major life decision is HARD - and so very emotional. I guess you could say I was terrified in that moment of change, which is so very rare for me. I didn't know how to handle it, or really get a hold on my emotions.

Something we've all experienced in our lifetime is change - good and bad. Change is completely and utterly terrifying sometimes to say the least. Today I'm sharing with you all 5 Easy Ways to Handle a Major Life Change.


5 Ways To Handle Dealing With A Major Life Change


Be Fearless

Yup, I know, it's definitely a hard thing to do. Tackling the situation for whatever it is, head on is going to be your best bet. Whether it's moving, a break up, or a drastic change in your every day life, take it for what it is. Sometimes, you might need a little convincing - and that's perfectly okay. Talk with your loved ones, express your concerns/fears, maybe write a pro/con list to try and decide if what you're doing is the best decision. Fear is the one thing that can hold you back from doing the one thing you want to, don't cave, just go for it!


Know you're going to be okay AKA Believe in yourself

When we started the drive across the country to our new home in Texas, I began questioning EVERYTHING. That is the exact worst thing you can do in this type of situation, or any situation really. When dealing with something drastically different, you must believe in yourself. Believe in the process, and push yourself to see the good in every situation.


Practice Self-Care

Again, when you're dealing with a whole lot of newness, it can be super easy to neglect the one thing that matters most: YOU. Whatever your battling, you must make time for self care. Even if it's tough, finding time to take care of yourself or at least journal your thoughts on how you're feeling will allow you to feel 100% better about the situation.


Time is your friend

We've all heard this. With a scary move, a bad break-up or something drastic, you have to give it time. As time passes, it will be easier to adjust to a new lifestyle change in your everyday life. I'm not saying you should wish your days away, but just taking it one day at a time will let you adapt to the situation as it unfolds.


Take a leap of faith

Even if this change sounds TERRIFIYING, which...chances are it is, just go for it! Life is all about taking chances and doing something that scares you. Why live your life playing it "safe?" In order to start new, and shake up your everyday routine, you must commit to making a change. For me, moving was taking a huge leap. I had never done something that drastic, and I was definitely worried moving so far away, and so far outside my comfort zone. In order to live a life that's a little different from your norm, you must leap.


How do you deal with a major life change?