Breakfast Dishes I'm Currently Obsessing Over's the most important meal of the day. I'll be honest, sometimes I accidently skip it, but it's so so important to start the day right, and load your body with healthy nutrients. Today I wanted to share with you all a few meals I generally eat for breakfast, either on days where I'm working, or on my weekends. Since going forward with my certification program and going through the nutrition section, I've come to realize breakfast is seriously so important in kick starting your day on a healthy note. Today I'm sharing 3 breakfast dishes I'm currently obsessing over.


Breakfast Dishes I'm Currently Obsessing Over


Avocado Toast

Lets just talk about how HEALTHY avocados are.... They are loaded with so many healthy nutrients and fats, everyone could benefit from having a few avocados. I'm not going to lie, for the longest time I hated avocados. For me it was all about the texture, it was super mushy and sometimes chunky, and for me: that was the ultimate deal breaker. I just couldn't have it. Then recently, I saw on Pinterest (super addicted to pinning!) that people were making avocado toast. Something I had never tried before, but decided it was time to start playing with new breakfast meals. Now that I'm mixing the avocado with something, it definitely tastes 100% better. So, here's how I make avocado toast:  I first mash the avocado, stir in a pinch of Pesto (I'm obsessed with it) I spread my mix on high fiber bread and then top it with fresh tomatoes and a tiny bit of Parmesan cheese. It's a super yummy way to start my day, and I can switch up the toppings throughout the week.


Eggs with Toast

I love over easy eggs. My favorite mornings are those when Dustin gets up and makes us a big breakfast. He is the sweetest man ever, he gets up early, makes me coffee and then cooks up eggs and toast, so cute right?! I'm honestly very simple when it comes to breakfasts, I need protein, and I need carbs, and I'm set! Lately I've been obsessed with whole grain toast, and two over easy eggs, with a little bit of salt on top. I usually eat my breakfast wit coffee, but then halfway through I switch to a glass of grape juice. I'm huge on drinking juice first thing in the morning, it's just more appealing to me than water.


Protein Shake

Okay, real talk: I'm obsessed with my shaker bottles. I've officially gotten Dustin hooked to protein shakes as well. On days I'm running late I just throw a protein shakes together, with almond milk and go. Sometimes I just don't have time to make a breakfast, so a protein shake is one of my favorite options. Protein shakes are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, so even If I'm not able to eat a breakfast food, I can still get in good dose of protein that day.


What are some of your favorite breakfast meals?