4 Things That Have Helped Improve My Mental Health Recently

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Hello lovelies, how are you all doing this week? Lately - I have been absolutely phenomenal in terms of my energy levels, mental health, and every day life. I finally feel like everything is falling into place the way it should, and I'm making healthier choices when it comes to eating as well. Lately, I've been making healthier choices in terms of managing my mental health - not that it needs managing, but I finally feel fully balanced, all around and that's the BEST feeling. Today I will be sharing things I've been doing lately that have improved my mental health.


4 Things That Have Helped Improve My Mental Health Recently


Splurged on an essential oil diffuser

I've always been a lover of essential oils. The first one I've ever purchased was tea tree oil, when I was hit with a terrible cold I would put a couple of drops into my bath/shower, even my shampoo to open up my nasal passages. Now that I'm a bit more familiar with essential oils, my collection has grown pretty rapidly. Just recently I received a killer coupon at Bed, Bath and Beyond and decided to purchase a diffuser. They are typically rather expensive but you can find cheaper, smaller ones. Recently I've been using lavender at night to help relax me, and lemongrass to uplift me first thing in the morning. Using a diffuser has made all the difference in my anxiety - it's practically non-existent at this point. Just this morning I cleaned our apartment, lit some candles and turned on my diffuser and instantly, I felt that much more calm and collected.


Practicing Yoga

Yoga is seriously such a good remedy for stress/depression/ect and almost anyone can do it, no matter their age, or skillset. Yoga for me has done wonders for my mental health. After I hit a yoga class, or just practice poses at home (with my essential oil diffuser of course) I feel so much more at peace, and ready to tackle the rest of my day with purpose. Practicing a yoga sequence doesn't require a lot of time, so I try my best to squeeze in a few poses when I'm feeling extra stressed. Some days I just incorporate deep breathing into my morning routine, and stretch and that makes all the difference. Whenever I have time, I love to hit a Yoga/Pilates class and it truly sets me up for a more relaxing day.


Purging Our Apartment

Two days before we left on our Colorado trip, I had a day off and decided to put it to good use. I deep cleaned our apartment, and even unpacked boxes- some we hadn't touched since we got here eleven months ago. I purged, and sorted until my heart was content. I finally was able to reorganize our walk in closet, and put in place a system for all the new clothes I bought since we moved here (I collected a whole new wardrobe basically) I cleaned my vanity, and even moved our bedroom furniture around. It just felt so good to throw away the unnecessary and reorganize what we still had. After deep cleaning our apartment I took a long shower, put on a cute outfit and treated myself to a cold brew coffee, it was such a great way to hit the refresh button on our surroundings, and have a clear, unclouded mental state when we entered our apartment. 


Goal Setting / Making Plans

For the past year, I had felt like I was trying to play catch-up and acclimate to our new life here in Texas. Restarting, and rebuilding is great an all, but it can seriously leave a person feeling drained, and left with the "what's next?" kind of thinking. I honestly have felt like I haven't been able to be fully present, because it wasn't clear where I was headed, or what I was doing. Over the past few months, I've been goal setting, and striving to achieve those goals. This year I set a few key goals for myself which involved getting back into some sort of schooling- and I am smashing that goal, thankfully. But that's because I had a clear goal, and set path I wanted to jump on. Just recently Dustin and I set a date for our Destination Elopement, booked a venue, and finally feel like we're moving in the direction we want. It's just so funny, this time last year our goal was to move away, and now we have an entirely new set of goals for our future. When I am goal setting, my whole life seems so much more put together, and I can rest easy knowing I am doing what I can to get to where I want to be.